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351 C 4V intake Only $75 !

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I'm a bit new on this site. Just bought my 69 Mach One clone a few months ago! I have this intake that I do not need, and I thought someone on here could use it! I am only asking $75 plus shipping, or pick up in southern vt! I hope to have my 69 on the road soon. I had to re-wire the whole car from under dash forward! I can get some of the other work done now, but I am a bit out of season at this point to drive it! My email is  Thanks!

Is the intake a cast iron factory intake or an aluminum intake?

Being that the 351C (C for Cleveland) was not used in 1969, it was a 351W (W for Windsor), you might consider putting the casting part number up. The number will look something like this: C9OE-9425-B. If it looks like this, D0AE-9425-C, it's a Cleveland.

Like I said, my Stang is a Mach One CLONE! It also has a 351C which did not come out in these cars until 1970. The intake is an original cast iron 351C intake. I will list the numbers tommorow.

D3ZE 9425 AA  I hope this helps! Let me know if anyone is interested! And if it is not a Cleveland, I would welcome the info! I do not want to advertise anything wrong. I was told by a guy who seemed to know what He was talking about that it was a Cleveland! Thanks!


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