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Ol' Yeller was the only contestant after the deadline last month, so Thierry extended the deadline.  I agree with that.  We have a lot of Mustang owners on here who just need to post pics of their cars.  This is not the "Miss America" contest, so don't be afraid to post a few pics of your car even though it may even be in the restoration process. 

I see Hey soaring a friend of mine created his own forum called its pretty good

You talked me into it, My car has a long way to go to be completed but we need to have members participate in the monthly contest to keep it alive.
Sally is a 67 289 C4 built on Nov.12 1966 in San Jose CA. I purchased it from a good friend who purchased her in 1985 in Southern CA. and moved the car up here to Oregon with his family. It sat in his garage for 20 years only started and occasionally driven. When I bought her a year ago everything that had water in it leaked, limped her home and started to get her into driving condition. Last summer I did get to drive the car quite a bit and with more upgrades and improvements she now is a very nice handling and sound vehicle. My plans are to work on several things this winter and slowly get her ready for the body and paint shop. Fortunately, she has never been wrecked, very little rust and above all, never had a wrench laid on her by a teenager. Very intact and original, I am very anxious to someday complete a restoration and enjoy driving it for years!!

Here is another picture of her up at the lake, Central Oregon.

And the engine compartment for the second try...


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