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May 2009 Photo Contest

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And the winner is 66GTKFB with his 1966 GT Fastback. Congratulations, Jim ;)

You may now create a new topic in this section with the title: June 2009 Photo contest. Good luck to all.

Congratulations Jim.  That is one fine classic mustang. 

Thanks guys, I appreciate this. I hope that this gives others some incentive to take the time and effort to have a nice looking Mustang.
And again - thanks,

Just a reminder, that Jim cannot post his 66 for the month of June, so if you posted for May, you can still post for June.  We had some mighty fine looking Mustangs posted for May, so post them again.  This time, I suggest you add more pics.  Expecially of the engine bay and the interior.  Maybe even the trunk and the undercarriage.  Use some artful thinking. 

Thanks for this nice post, I have missed out that contest  :D


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