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May 2009 Photo Contest

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Submission entries are now closed. All registered users can vote for the best picture. Your vote can be modified at any time before the poll closes and the contestants can vote for their own car.
The results will be given at the end of the month and the winner will be notified by email.
Good luck :)

We have only 9 votes and no winner yet, come on all, submit your votes.

Somebody needs to be the tie breaker, and that may be you Thierry if you haven't voted yet.   ;D

I did submit my vote but I might change it for my second choice. I just hope it will not be up to me to decide who will be the winner. :D

All of these Mustangs deserve to win.  Unfortunaltely, there can only be one winner.  I congratulate my fellow mustangers for submitting their rides to this first photo contest on this forum, and hope that all will return with their fav photos of their rides next month. 


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