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No worries....that's usually how it goes!  I love my Dad's Mach1.  Best looking Mustang ever, in my opinion.

Yeah, the '65-69's are my fav too. 

OK guys and gals, we have about 24 hours left to vote for your favorite Mustang of the Month.  So, place your vote now.    The winner will get the trophy for the month of July.  Good luck to all of you. 

Thank you Dr. Feelgood, Goblin, Builtmachtough03, 1993TTJL and 08 GTCS  for submitting the pictures of your cars, but our winner for the July contest is Stang98.  Congratulations to you Stang98.  All of you submitted extremely beautiful cars in various categories, and are to be congratulated for having the impetus to maintain and make your Mustang into what you want your Mustang to be.  There are no losers here.  We are all winners and enjoy the comraderie of sharing the single most popular collection of American muscle in our Mustangs.  I raise my glass to all of you. 
Here you go Stang98.  Here is your trophy for the month of July, but you have to pass it on to the August winner, etc.  At the end of the year, there will be a Mustang of the Year made up of just the monthly winners, and the winner will keep the trophy. 


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