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The contest's rules have been modified for this new year.

From now on, you have a full month to submit your entry and a full month to vote for the winner. This means you have until January 31 to post photos of your ride and on starting on February the 1st, all members will be able to vote for the best one.

There is no limit in the number of photos you can submit but only one car per member can be submitted each month and the previous winners from last year can play again.

The rules have changed again. As the activity in our contest seems to be slower every month, the monthly contest will be canceled and we will only have an annual contest from now on.
This means that you have a full year to submit your photos and on January 2011, you will have the entire month to vote for the best Mustang photo for 2010.

Good luck to all. ;)

How do you post a picture?

Maybe this is it?


--- Quote from: Dprived on January 30, 2010, 08:54:45 PM ---How do you post a picture?

--- End quote ---
hit the reply button, then hit the "additional options" at the bottom of the screen.   

I am sorry Dprived but as you are the only contestant for this month and as we have this problem with almost all our contests, I had to change the rules and from now on, there will be only one for each year. I updated the first post with all the details.


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