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If it isn't garage kept, then it is hard to keep them clean and dirt free. 

yeah tell me about it. Mine's like a daily driver twice over! Running great though. I drive it harder than I probably should too and I'm starting to wish for a supercharger. It's bad!

My car isnt even parked in the driveway. I live on a hill so I cant go up the drive way its too steep. my car would bottom out big time. So It gets parked on the road.

Konrad 70000km a year is quite a bit my car has 50k on it and it is nearly 10years old! and i also want a supercharger very badly for my car
jeff73mach1 i was just aproached my some photographers and they want to shoot my car for free. so hopefully some new pictures will help me out the next time i enter

it's actually 50000 km per year. i have 70000 MILES on it since new, two years ago.


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