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i think the rules are fair but if u pit old against new old will win most of the time.

Yeah due to nostalgia. The old ones were great but if I look at them objectively I personally think the new ones are like the old ones but actually better looking. I look at the two and see a great thing that was improved.

We don't have enough members to vote; to separate the two categories.   In reality, we should have a new and an old voting poll, but we just don't right now.  I love them both.  I own an 03 Mach 1 and a 1965 coupe.  I don't prefer one over the other, but I do have a love of the old ones that folks have taken the time, money and effort to bring them back to life and keep them running as long as they actually drive them frequently.   

You could always add a COTM moderator to do the judging and everyone just sends in everything about there car/bio and what not?

That is true.  But this a family style oriented site where the members have a say-so.  Sending in the pics and bio to a 3rd party would just complicate the process.  We just need to grow a bit more to have the contest deal with the issues of the old against the new.   However, thank you for your suggestion. 


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