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--- Quote from: 66stang on August 06, 2009, 08:54:58 AM ---ya that is my fuel line

--- End quote ---
Route it in front of your distributor, and come up on the left side of the bottom of your distributor. 

Alllllll the way from Australia

Anyway, this is my baby, 65 with a 289, some mods done. I've just sent a heap of money to the US for some more parts (I'll post a build up thread soon)

:/  I'll have to get a better camera next time.


Nice looking '65. 

Oh my god the classics are out  ;)
I absolutely love the classics. 

One more classic to add to the list... ;D
A 1965 A-code 289, 4-speed, PS, fastback.  4wheel disks all around with 9" LS rearend; custom Top-loader Heaven Hurst shifter and transmission.  Engine has been bore .030; roller rockers; 650cfm; and lots of bling.


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