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From the 1st till the 15th of each month you can post as many photos of your Mustang as you like to be considered for the winner of the Mustang of the month contest.  The more creative your photos are, the better chance you have of winning.  Post shots of the engine bay, interior, and of course exterior shots. The winner will receive a cyber trophy that will be passed each month to the new monthly winner, and they will also recieve a trophy under their user name.   
From the 15th till the end of the month each member can vote for his favorite Mustang.
At the end of the year, there will be a winner chosen from the mustang of the month contest which will represent the site as the mustang of the year for this site. Each month's winners cannot submit photos for consideration for the rest of the year, but will automatically be in the running for the mustang of the year award which will be a copy of the 25th Anniversary of the Mustang DVD.    Good luck!

newly finished. 1966 mustang convertible. 
Brand new paint job with orange pearl and the deck stripes are a white pearl with a hint of orange in it.

Brand new Boyd coddington junkyard dog wheels. 18 by 8 on the back with 17 by 7 on the front

Custom speaker and stereo. With a pioneer 7 in touch screen custom mounted (by me) in the console. And has 2 four way 6 1/2 Sony speakers in the front. And has 2 wooder 6 1/2 Sony speakers custom mounted in the rear quarter trim panel.

A silver export brace would make that engine bay really stand out.  Otherwise, no comment.  That is an extremely good looking vert. 

Thanks   I agree I do need the brace but  don't really have the money right now.  Lol

I just noticed.  Is that your fuel line going over the top of the oil cap? 


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