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New Ford Mustang with a four cylinders?

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 M. Bob Lutz the Vice president of GM announced they may offer a four cylinder version of the Camaro if the price of gas keeps raising. The Camaro could receive the 206hp turbo engine used on the roadsters Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.
 We better hope the same won't happen with the next version of the Ford Mustang. The SVO Mustang was a powerful car but it's not really what we should call a muscle car.

There is no doubt that auto makers will return to the 70's and offer 4 cylinder engines in all cars.  I am looking for a 4 cylinder pickup to use as a daily driver. 

 I have nothing against four cylinder cars or trucks but a Mustang or Camaro with a four cylinder is like having a Lamborghini with a hybrid engine. If I want to save money on gas, I will buy an economic car and not a vehicle that looks like a muscle car and sounds like a Honda Civic  ;D

Oh, I completely agree, but back in the late 70's there were more 4 and 6 cylinder Mustangs sold than those with an 8 banger.  I built a 1929 Mercedes SSK replica back in `1985, but instead of using the VW pan and engine, etc. I opted for a frame and a front end engine.  Well, the only two engines that would fit in that little ragtop was the Chevette and the Mustang four cylinder engines.  I opted for the 1978 Mustang motor that I got from a junk yard and overhauled it, and that little 4 banger couldn't pull the hat off your head.  I finally modded it enough to make it a worthwhile engine for that light fiberglassed body, but from the factory, they were a POS.

A 4-cylinder supercharged or turbo-charged Ford Mustang would be rather interesting...
But what would the difference be between the GT and the Cobra options?


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