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Doug Pelmear said he isn't toying with the engine of 1987 Ford Mustang for the money.

The engineer's tinkering, however, could earn him $10 million and save him plenty more in gas money.

Pelmear, who lives in Napoleon, Ohio, has tweaked his Mustang to get 110 mpg, making the engine nearly five times as efficient as a traditional gas engine, he told the Toledo Blade newspaper.

"We redesigned a lot of different things on the [engine] block," Pelmear told the paper. "It's still a rod-and-piston engine; it just has a lot more electronics on it."

Traditional gas engines operate at 8 to 10 percent, efficiency, while the engine on the Mustang, he said, is at 38 percent efficiency.

He said he could greatly increase even that number if his car used traditional gasoline instead of a mix of gas and 85 percent ethanol.

Pelmear entered his car to win the the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize: a race to find an affordable, marketable automobile that gets at least 100 miles per gallon.

"I'm an optimist, and I think people need to know there is hope out there," Pelmear told the Toledo Blade. "That's why I decided to enter the X Prize race. I could have sold this [technology] off, but then people might not have seen it.

Pelmear told television station WNWO that the car hasn't traded power for miles per gallon. Pelmear said the car has 400 horsepower, goes well over 100 mph and can go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds.

"This will bring back the automotive industry when they can sell trucks and SUVs and the models that are almost dead at this time," he told WNWO.

WOW! And if you are interested, I got a lead on some bottom land South of New Orleans - real cheap.

There have been stories about guys back in the 20's and 30's who had carburetors that would get 40 or 50 mpg, and that big oil bought up their carburetor in order to sell more gas.  I was never convinced those stories were true though, because during the 70's when gas was at a premium for that era, no carburetor claiming those numbers was invented, and surely the technology of the 70's was greater than the 30's. .  I also don't believe the 100+ mpg car can be produced using oil based gasoline.  I am a doubting Thomas.  Bring on the evidence. 

I believe in the possibility but I'm from the SHOW-ME state.  I want to see it in person.  There was a man on the Fox News 2 years ago that converted his gas engine to run on water (Hydrogen), but I emailed his company a few months back to see where it was at and they replied  the US Military and GM got the man under contract, so I don't expect we'll see it soon.  HHO aka Brown's gas is an old idea but most of what I've read indicates the on-board electrolysis tech just isn't there yet.  The Hydrostar is one of those systems, but I'm not willing to drop a few grand on the chance it might work.

You have to change the water into a hydrogen based fuel which uses electricity to do that in the first place.  And currently, electricity is being mass produced using oil based fuels.  No savings there. 


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