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Try guessing  the number of lap a new 2011 305hp V6 mustang could do at the Bristol Motor Speedway on a single tank of gas  and win a 2011 v6 mustang.

3.7 V6 Mustang  305 horsepower

The Nascars Make  between 80 and 90 laps without a refuel, but I have no idea what a 4.6 will do.

 90 laps ..haha  Ford shooting for 900 to 1500 laps on one tank

It is only .533 miles around Bristol Motor Speedway.  The gas tank is only 16 gallons.

I am certain the car will be run at an optimum cruising speed.  Ford will bring out a car that has had the computer tweaked, the engine will be a hand built version optimized in every respect for this demonstration.

What transmission and rear end gear ratio will be used?  The optional ratio for the base coupe is something like a 3.31, so perhaps the stock ratio is somewhere around a 3.08 or higher?

I'll bet Ford puts a car on the track that can do better than 40 mpg.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid managed 81+mpg in its similar attempt even though the EPA rates it in the low 40's.

I'd bet it comes in within 15 laps of 1200 laps (in either direction)


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