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Klassic TEK to Release 69 Stang Dynamod Mustang In May

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Klassic TEK to release a 40 year anniversary modified hi tech 1969 mustang based on Dynacorn shell.

It's a new Mustang, but I wouldn't call it a 1969 Mustang.  Except for the new shell which resembles the shell of a 1969 Mustang, everything else is 2009.

It's a new Mustang, but I wouldn't call it a 1969 Mustang...

That is a good point I personally have coined the term Dynamod. I believe restomod is not entirely correct as the car is new not restored. Perhaps others would call it rebodied. While many components are modern it does share several components from the 1969 mustang besides the body shell. The electrical components including steering and charging system are state-of-the-art even by 2010 standards.  I guess it comes down to how one defines and interprets the use of the word new.  As in “new 1969 replica” or as in ‘new 1969 based concept”.


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Yeah, bottom line is that it is a bastard.  I get into trouble using that term, but that is exactly what it is. 

I've owned and driven both vintage classics and modified "bastards" as you call them. Personally I enjoy both. I look towards the "bastard's" to provide the innovation required to secure the continued existence of the car culture future. And the vintage originals to secure the historic reality and art of what was.


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