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Hi,all i saw a 67 mustang today on ebay that was selling for over 1,100,000 dollars had over 10 bids it had a rouse motor in it .ebay number auction was 190042114268.check it out everyone.

This Mustang is a real beauty and was featured in many car magazines. I even posted a picture of it a while ago.
Kona Mustang
 When people say classic cars loose their value when they are modified, this proves to be wrong if it's done with good taste.
 Here is the link to the auction on Ebay

Jerry Baker:
LOL the wife said someone had to be out of there minds to bid that much.  She has seen alot nicer for a lot less

The builders of that Mustang just presented their latest creation. Let's see how much this one will be sold.
Roush Reactor Mustang fastback

 That's no longer a Mustang.   It is a bastard.  If the original configuration and parts have been updated to modern standards, or if the body and mechanics have been altered so much that it no longer looks or drives like the original Mustang from that year, then it is a bastard and in my opinion no longer considered a classic Mustang. 


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