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67 mustang on ebay

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It's a bit extreme but I like this kind of bastard Mustang  ;D

Sorry, but I don't.  First of all it is priced out of the ordinary Mustang owner's price range, and Mustangs should never be priced in the range of the Europeran classics.  A Classic Mustang should be a blue collar  owner's classic car.  It's an American made in Detroit mass produced car, and should never be misrepresented as an expensive classic that the ordinary blue collar man or woman can't own because of the extreme price. 

i have to agree with soaring. it may be nice and fast but the mustang was originally built as the "poor man's" sports car. the old shelbys and mach 1's and some of those cars are worth some of the prices they ask for because they have a lot of original parts. i would have to say i would never pay over $1,000,000 for a classic mustang.

I would never paying over 50 K for any Mustang no matter what it is. 
This whole Barrett Jackson thing is just a travesty to the classic Mustang. 

i thnk with the way they keep their value i would probably pay 50k for a mustang. i dont think much more than that though.


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