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2011 or 2012 mach 1 or Boss?

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I absolutely love the shaker hood on my 03 Mach.  Lots of cold air to the intake. 

Love the GT500 look!

Go look at the originals and you will see their proportions were "off" very similarly to the one in the photos!

I assume that isn't something from ford, but where did it come from?  I want one!!!!! (or two)

I'm visiting family in L.A. so don't have alot of free time to write .. but I'll report in later. We went to the Nethercutt Collection today had some amazing autos I'll be posting some pictures later

Anyway info on the GT500 is..

The car you see was listed on eBay as a 2007 Shelby Mustang GT 350 custom-made by Retrobuilt to fool most casual observers into thinking the car is 38 years older than it is.

The auction description says the car is a prototype created by the company used to produce molds for fiberglass kits for aftermarket customizers. As the car has been built as a prototype, this coupe's doors are metal, as are the fins over the back glass. Front fenders, hood, quarter panels and trunk lid are all rendered in hand-laid fiberglass. The door handles are 1969 repros and the bumpers are triple-chromed steel. The rear wing is a factory-correct 1969 wing stretched four inches to fit the 2007's wider stance.

So, in otherwords, it's a bastard?


--- Quote from: Soaring on February 19, 2010, 08:02:54 PM ---So, in otherwords, it's a bastard?

--- End quote ---

Now I really think it fits my personality!


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