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2011 or 2012 mach 1 or Boss?

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calypso coral:
Anyone have any spy photos or news links about possibility of a 2011 or 2012 mach 1 or Boss?

Do not have any but I seen some of the 2011 mach 1 going to be a bad mofo with around 435 hp and around the same tq. It looks real nice with comp orange color and different emblems on the side that say mach 1.

and if I am correct it has the 5.0 L engine in it.

That's what I heard too. One thing I just recently noticed about the 2010's... I've never been to keen on them, but apparently they make over 400 in torque. that's a huge increase.

yeah thats what good about the new mach 1 and it looks pretty aggressive too. But I got a feeling they are going to be costing about 40 plus thousand and be numbered like the cobras, saleens, steeda etc....


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