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Well, not only for the looks I'd still prefer a Mustang. The Camero has a faaaar too big grill and it doesn't fit in with the overall front design. The Mustang's grill is elegantly blended into the front with the classic logo which reminds us of the good ol' times. Also, correct me if am wrong, the camero is a bit evil looking. While the Mustang 2011 has a warmth nearly protecting look for me. Maybe because It reminds me of KIT ;) I am refering to those 2 pictures:

I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room today, and was reading a "Car and Driver" magazine where the new 5.0 Mustang GT was compared to the new BMW sports car, and they came in neck and neck.  The difference being is that the BMW cost 65,500  Where as the GT was priced at 40,000.  I don't think the German engineering is a damn bit better than motor city today.  You just pay for the name. 

Well once again I have to say the Mustang kills in looks no matter the performance. The huge front window with it's sexy curve is more like from a spaceship then from a car. The elegant rims blend perfectly into the sides and the nose is as aerodynamic as it gets. In comparision the new BMW Z4
looks almost edgy. To many holes and denches. A too small grill and silly looking lights. I'm refering to these two pictures:

I have to agree.

So much live the Mustang  :)


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