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  Today I got to see a new 5.0 Mustang.  What a car! I didn't test drive it or anything but from what I have read, this thing has world class performance. Of course the
nay sayers still talk it down, what with being an American car and all. But the performance figures both for acceleration, top speed and handling speak
for themselves. The car is very well built.. Better then it's Japanese contemporaries. Thought I'd never say that one, but Ford builds a better car now. I am in the
market for a new or newer car and have looked at a lot. All I can say is that Ford has been quietly improving while the others from Japan and other foreign lands
have been riding along on just their names for the past 5 years. The new 5.0 is not cheap. The one I looked at was $37K. I guess that doesn't sound like much to many,
but to me it's a lot of money. I heard that top end is very high and is actually limited. They also had the new V6 car there and I was told it has twin turbochargers. Have to do some
research on that one, but it looks like Ford is pulling out all the stops in the performance aspects of this new Mustang. What is a real kicker is that EPA mileage ratings are higher then for the
old V6 and the new 5.0L V8 shows better then the older 4.6L. Go figure. All I know is that I am very impressed with all Ford's new cars from the Fiesta to the Mustang.
I have a feeling my next daily driver will be a Ford and not another Honda. I like Hondas, but the newest ones leave me flat while there isn't a Ford car model that I feel I couldn't live with.
I'd love to see them come out with a turbocharged Fiesta 2 dr hatch. Now THAT would be a heck of a sneaker sized rocket to compliment my '90 5.0L!


this is a great article and very detailed...thanks

      For whatever reason, Ford seems to be pulling out all the stops. It shows in their showrooms. They don't have a crap load of models and
different configurations to choose from, but what they do have are sound, well built cars with flair. They always built a good pickup in the "F" series.
Now they are again building good cars. Just wanted to let others know that if they are thinking a new Japanese or even European car as a daily grocery getter, they owe it to themselves
to check out the newest crop of Fords. I'll probably stick with my present car for another year. What with the down sizing of my income thanks to the loss of a good
paying job and the lower pay of my new job. But, by next year, I will have to do something since my present daily driver (an '01 Accord coupe) is really getting long in the tooth.
Believe it or not, the Accord, with it's 4 cyl engine, doesn't get much better fuel economy then my 1990 5.0L Mustang sedan. I really like the style and feel of the '01 Accord coupe, but
I don't like their new ones. The new Mustang feels more like my '01 Accord then the new Accord does. Go figure. The new Mustang is almost the exact same size too. Both dwarf my '90 LX 5.0L. It is funny to look at how big the suspension and drive train parts are on the old 90 in comparison to a lot of the newer cars. Guess that's why I see so many of them with between 150 and 200K miles on them still cruising around down here.

Rat Fink:
After I find several things in the first couple paragraphs that were, to say the least , misleading, I just didn't read on.
The article said. " When it comes to power, the Camaro SS kicked the Mustang GT's butt up and down the block."  Well lets see, Just how much did that SS cost? The 11 GT is less than $30,000.  At least mine was.  So what ever the Camaro was above the $30,000 price tag would have to go into a mustang, like a Roush or a Shelby, after all it's ok to race a 425 hp camaro against a 412 hp GT so it should also be ok to race a 444 hp Boss against the SS, Right?


--- Quote from: paulw on October 15, 2010, 06:28:02 AM ---Well once again I have to say the Mustang kills in looks no matter the performance. The huge front window with it's sexy curve is more like from a spaceship then from a car. The elegant rims blend perfectly into the sides and the nose is as aerodynamic as it gets in auto parts. In comparision the new BMW Z4
looks almost edgy. To many holes and denches. A too small grill and silly looking lights. I'm refering to these two pictures:

--- End quote ---

I totally agree, Mustang is pretty sexy compared to other cars and the parts is good too. I am driving mine for 2 years now and I did not have any problem at all only the upgrades.


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