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2010 Ford mustang revealed

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Here is the latest photos and video released by Ford of the future Mustang 2010 available at dealers sometime in the spring of 2009. There won't be much new other than the body and interior upgrades you can see in the photos below but the V8 engine will see an increase of its power with 315hp instead of 300hp.
I am not sure the upgrades will be enough to compete against the upcoming Camaro and the Challenger but an entirely new Mustang should be available for the 2010 model year.


If Ford doesn't go bankrupt, then yeah that is a really good looking car. 

Lets hope Ford is able to get its act in gear* I'd hate to see the 2010 go under with the company. Although I'm not liking the rear end of the 2010, it looks a little to cut off for my liking.

Ford might be part of the Toyota or other foreign auto manufacturer group in the future but I doubt the Mustang and the Ford company will ever disappear. I just hope North American customers will soon realize that it will cost them much more than what they save when they buy import products.

How would it cost us more? Simply because Toyota or a certain company bought ford out?


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