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I just feel compelled to leave my two cents on this topic.  My dad's business uses a lot of vehicles.  He went with Toyota Camry cars because of all the hype.  He did this after replacing the Honda Accords (JUNK) with Toyotas.  The Honda Accords had A/C issues at 70K miles, almost every one of them.  The transmissions had tons of problems after 90K miles and further information can be found on  He switched to Camry cars.  Another mistake.  They feel cheap.  Cardboard seats, light control feeling, low quality craftsmanship.  Now they are ALL burning oil at 120K miles each.  He also bought 30 vans.  The Honda Odyssey vans do offer a much better ride compared to a Town and Country but both the Town and Country and the Odyssey have transmission problems.  But the Chrysler/Dodge van transmissions seem to last a little longer but the biggest thing is that when the tranny goes out in the T&C it costs $950 parts AND labor to replace.  You have to more than triple that price to get the Odyssey on the road again.  With pure disappointment in both Honda and Toyota, we bought all new vehicles for his company back in 2005.  We both (40) 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL cars with the 6 speed transmission.  We also bought (35) Hyundai Sonata Limited editions in 2005 as well.  They have now all hit over 100,000 miles.  I've been a Mustang lover and owner for many years but I also had a brand new 2003 Hyandai Elantra back in the day and I put 103,000 miles on it while only having to spend $11 on a set of front brake pads.  I loved that Hyundai and my brother followed up by getting a black 2006 Tiburon which he loves as well.  Now with owning so many Hyundai and Ford products in my dad's company, I can say this.....  The Hyundai Sonatas always have little minor annoying problems.  Sunroof issues, display bulbs burning out, but nothing major.  With the 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL cars, the 6 speed trannies need to be calibrated at 100K miles which is FREE at the dealership and on a couple of them, the computer drops the gas gauge down to nothing without notice and tells you to get fuel.  Both of these issues are minor and if I'd have to pick I'd take the Ford Five Hundred (now the taurus), although I've heard they don't have the 6 speed tranny anymore?  I personally have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL.  It's black with grey leather and woodgrain trimmed.  It has nice rims and has the luxury look and feel.  Even the undersides of the mirrors light up at night and makes the white snow really glow.  It's much bigger and solid than the Hyundai.  I think Ford was good back then and then went down the drain but now is back and better than ever.  This summer we will be replacing all these vehicles again as they will have over 150K each by summertime.  We will be going all Ford this time, as they've been the most reliable cars we've ever had in our company.  We are considering the new Taurus cars or the Fusions this time around.  And by the way, the 2011 Mustang is worth waiting for.  A smaller 3.7L V6 will produce 315HP which is insane!  AND, the 5.0L will be back!  This time the 5.0L will be called the Coyote and will produce 403HP while getting great MPG.  Also, did I mention 6 speed gearbox?  When the stock market crashed my brother bought up Ford stock and I thought that was the stupidest thing in the world to do.  Well then we watched GM and Chrysler go down and his stock go up.  Then we saw Toyota recall all their floormats in an embarrassment.  Honda slipped below Hyundai in reliability.  Then when the NHTSA released their 30 most safest vehicles out, not ONE Toyota made the list.  Another reality check for Toyota.  Now they are all sitting around with their computer controlled "mystery" gas pedals.  Toyota is finally getting what they deserve.  Ford for the first time in 2009 won the most "RELIABLE" car of the year based on consumer complaints and service appointments.  The Fusion beat the accord and camry.  Nissan doesn't even come close in this topic and isn't worth even mentioning.  So, the ONLY foreign car I support is Hyundai because for the money you get some comfort unlike Toyota and Honda.  But you NEED to check out Ford.  Have you driven a Ford lately?  You should, because they are totally different than they used to be.  Plus America supports America this way.

Did you see on the news recently where Toyota had to recall its' new cars because the gas pedal got stuck on many of them and the car revved by itself?  The last Toyota I owned was a '98 Avalon, and I absolutely loved that car.  I traded it for my '03 Mach 1 though.  ;D

Yep, and its not actually a problem with the gas pedal itself because all the new toyotas, well the 8 models affected, are COMPUTER CONTROLLED when you press on the gas.  But Toyota computers are going spazz and they think people are still pushing on the gas when in fact they aren't.  Last year it was the floor mat issue killing people and now it's the computerized gas pedals.  The saddest, and STUPIDEST thing is that all of these deaths in both cases could've been avoided if the person would've just turned off the key ignition!  But for now, I'm saving my pennies for that 2011 Mustang!  The 5.0 will be back!  32Valve! Over 400HP stock!  Beautiful! 

If it's a true 5.0 and over 400 HP, that would be a scary Mustang to drive.  My 300 HP 03  32 valve gives me more power than this old man can handle if I push it.  ;D

Ted, I like your two cents, it's nice to see something good come out of America and it makes me feel good about driving a ford.
Soaring, pretty sure it's true that the 5.0 will make over 400 hp.
One negative point I'd like to make is that my 07 Mustang also has an electronic gas pedal. I really dislike vehicle controls that aren't mechanically linked. I was also told that the Escape Hybrid is fully drive-by-wire. I could be wrong but I believe even the steering isn't mechanically linked. That scares me and I would never buy that vehicle. I really dislike the whole idea of a computer having control over the driving of my car. I can handle it running the behind the scenes stuff like using sensor input to meter out fuel/air ratios, valve timing, etc, but when the car starts to think it's smarter than me and is actually going control my steering and throttle input and braking (traction control) I am not happy about it. I think VW has a system to automatically correct wind gusts. Ridiculous. If you can't handle a wind gust, what are you doing driving a car? What if right about the time you correct for the wind gust, the car does the same? Wouldn't that make you overcorrect? What if something went wrong with a sensor or there was a bug in the programming and the car was randomly steering because it THINKS there's a wind gust? Give me a break! K.I.S.S.! keep it simple stupid, and stop coming up with dumb "features" to try to sell cars! What about cars like Lancers and Nissan GTRs that use the computer to control the traction? The lancer you can set to tarmac, gravel, and something else. What if you forget where you set it? How are you supposed to drive something that will react differently all the time? What happened to "driver skill"? What happens when these complex cars get to be 10 years old and they break down? I'm also skeptical of Ford's ecoboost engine. I am impressed and I understand that they seem to have built it very well. It's getting the horsepower and torque of a V8 which would impress me if they were actually getting really good fuel mileage. I'd be impressed if they were getting 40 mpg or more. But they are not. My 4.6 V8 get's 20-30 mpg which is right in the range of what they are claiming for those. So where is the benefit? They have 2 turbos on them. So there's complications when it gets to high mileage. Not only do they have turbos but those turbos have special water cooling systems running through them so they never overheat and you don't need idle-down time. Great, but again, more complications down the road and for what benefit? The same power and fuel economy as a V8? I'll take my V8 thanks.
ok there's enough ranting.


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