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I would certainly prefer to buy American made products if they were superior to foreign made products for a price that was equal, but unforutnately, that is not the case.  The UAW and the CEO's of the American built big three have driven their costs up but have not built the quality product that foreign companies are building.  We are currently in the midst of a gas crunch where the cost of fuel is almost totally dependent on foreign oil.  That aspect needs to change, and we should be seeing more inovative fuel needs for our future automobiles.  Detroit is not addressing those future needs, but yet asks for a bailout of current manufacturing trends that obviously are not working. 

That new look will take a lot of growing on me I think. I'm not liking it at all. maybe i'll like it better in real life but so far, not liking it. I agree though, let's buy domestic and support our own economy. In any case I'm really impressed with my 07 GT. Why doen't everyone buy one? It's comfortable. Leather heated seats, power everything, lot's of room. Plenty of power when you need it, and good fuel economy when you don't. There are so many cars with V6's that are the same or worse. Even lot's of 4 bangers with only a little better fuel economy. Quality seems to be good, look awesome. It has a back seat so I can have 2 kids if I want but I only have 1 so that's fine. Trunk is big. I could go on but it does everything i need. It's my daily driver and I've put 50,000 KM on the thing in one year. The only car I'd rather have would be a GT500.

I think Ford and the other two of the big three just got a wakeup call from the American people.  They will either fold or make cost efficient automobiles. But, as far as we Mustang enthusiasts are concerned, who cares how efficient our cars are?  They are meant to be driven, and driven daily.  I still  drive my '65 every day, even during the winter.   

Picture that rear end with a spoiler on it.  Wouldn't that take some of the "cut  off" look away?  I love the front. 

 Hey Soaring, I only buy Fords Trucks and Chevy Vans for our company vehicles and I never have any trouble, I just gave away a 95 F-250 6 cyl with 600,000 miles on it and it ran like it was new, I am currently driving a 2005 F-250 v-8 that just turned 250k again runs like new, our diesels never stop running they last forever. No foreign manufacturers can match there quality, where have you been the last twenty years? I've owned a lot of Fords, Pontiac's and Jeeps all made right here in the States and they didn't have any problems either. Toyota is no different than Ford, there in this for profit, as soon as there contract was up in Georgetown Ky they stopped buying american material and put a lot of people out of work. They don't make better cars or trucks and they don't care about us, they have private jets and they make millions of dollars just like Ford and Chevy CEO's. I had to pay business  taxes while Toyota went tax free for ten years. I knew a lot of people that worked at Toyota but I can't seem to remember any of them driving a Toyota truck, I do remember quite a few nice Ford F350's and 250's though. Drive buy your local Toyota dealer and look at all the cars lined up at the service center, Toyota mechanics stay pretty busy.


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