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2009 Ford Mustang, a future collector?

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 It seems that Ford will only produce 45,000 Mustangs for 2009. This would be the lowest number of Mustangs ever produced in it's history, beating the previous record of 79,000 units sold in 1992 and far below the 135,000 Mustangs built last year.
 No reason was given by Ford's officials but this number could have been chosen to celebrate the 45th birthday of this model and to boost the sales of the upcoming redesigned 2010 Mustang.

It sounds like a marketing strategy that Ford tried to use with the 2003 Mach 1's.  I had to pay full MSRP because only the large Ford houses got one, and I mean one as in a single Mach 1.  They later manufactured a bunch of them.
Ford also announced  in 2003 that the Mach 1 was only going to be manufactured in 2003 and not in 2004.   That turned out to be a lie. I wouldn't trust anything Ford announces.  Again, it's a marketing strategy.  Most likely if most of those Mustangs are sold by May, Ford will keep pumping them out until the market starts to slow, then cut off production.  They are in the business to sell cars, and if Mustangs are selling, then they will keep producing them. 

 For now there is nothing official about this rumor but I can see it happening as a marketing strategy to boost the sale of the redesigned Mustang. Once they reach the quota of Mustangs they are planing to sell, they will modify their assembly lines for the future model and I doubt they will go back if they are sold before the due date.

Neither of us have a crystal ball, and even if we did we couldn't read it.  ;D  However, I am willing to go out on a limb here based on the past performance of Ford and bet you a cyber beer that more than 45,000 2009 Mustangs are made.  I will also bet that the 2010 Mustangs will not start production until  August 1st of 2009.

 First of all, I will have to place my "buy me a beer" icon in my profile info if I want to accept the bet and this is only a rumor so I won't take a chance at the moment ;D
 If Ford makes a public announcement saying they will produce 45,000 Mustangs, then I will bet you a cyber beer they will do what they say  :D


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