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Joss posted a message in the french section of the site asking informations about the Supercharged or Extreme Mustang Saleen before to purchase one.
I located an article wich is not very positive about a road test of the 2005 S281 from Motortrend but could not find anything about the 2006/2007 Supercharged or Extreme Mustang Saleen.
If anyone owns one or have any documentation about them, please let us know.
Thank you.

Saleen is a good car but Shelby will make it disapeer.

Saleen is a good car but Shelby will make it disapeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know if i agree with this or not. they are both AWESOME cars and i think the saleen will be around for years to come as will Roush

Seeing how easy it is to purchase a Shelby today I am quite sure the Saleen has a great future.

did you hear about the dude that rented the shelby from hertz rent a car and won best of show in a car show than when he was leaving the show hit a deer with the car he took out the ins they offered but it didnt cover hitting a deer how i dont know now he has to pay for the car damages so if you guys go to hertz to rent the shelby's they have there please read the ins part carefully i read about it in mustang monthly


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