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Jerry Baker:
ok guys I have to brag just a little.

The Mustang Mafia is on a roll, we now have 3 chapters and a Headquarters

Mustang Mafia of America World Headquarters
Mustang Mafia of Kentucky Hq Chapter
Mustang Mafia of Colorado Hq Chapter
Mustang Mafia of Kentucky Leitchfield Chapter
have a chapter in the works, if it goes thru it will be
Mustang Mafia of Missouri Hq Chapter so Dustin we are coming to your neck of the woods.  LOL

We are involved with the World Ford Challenge in St. Louis this year as ford club sponsors

We have some real cool pics on all 3 of our chapters page of the cars we drive.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

Ok guys Im done.

Congratulations for the succes of your club. Thats what happens when you have active members. Any plan to open a chapter in eastern Canada?   ;-)

Jerry Baker:
I haven't had anyone ask me as of yet I do have a guy from Canada in the club but he don;t want to start a chapter that I know.  

If you know of anyone that would like to start one have them e-mail me.  My email is on the website.

Thanks for the comments

Jerry Baker:
Update on the Mafia.

We have a Chapter in TX now so the makes us 4 chapters and a world HQ we are moving up in the world.

If you have a chapter in Kansas City Im in. maybe I could get one started for you "for the right price that is" just call my Guedo


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