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bucket of bolts:
I have a 1965 Mustang which i changed the 6cyl to a 289 V8. I put in an HEI distributor.  I just put in a new starter and solenoid in and recently put in a new ignition switch.  I have a new alternator and when i put it on i also put in a new voltage regulator.  When i went to the store my Mustang would not start and found one side of the harness was fried.  I had the car towed home and made a new harnesss myself using the old one as a model. As long as i don't hook up the wire to the distributor the engine turns over smoothly but, when i hook the wire up the starter keeps running when i try to start the car and makes a terrible noise.  Please help me  Thanks Ron

Hello bucket of bolts , the connect starter solenoid is no correct  ::)

From the FAQ section about wiring -
There are two reasons that the starter keeps running, the wiring, as Fred stated, or the teeth hanging up on the flexplate/flywheel.
From the wiring diagrams, there is a heavy gauge cable from the battery to the forward termal of the solenoid, an equally large cacle from the solenoid to the starter. The small forward terminal of the solenoid is the start voltage (red-blue stripe wire) from the ignition switch, no voltage is normal, 12V when the ignition switch is in the start position. The rear wire (brown) supplies 12V directly to the coil when the solenoid is activated.
Starters do have a problem with the Bendix spring getting hung up so pull the starter and look at the teeth of the gear on the starter and and the flexplate/flywheel. Excessive wear, or a chipped or missing tooth, are not uncommon.

Yeah, if after re-checking your wiring, then suspicion the bendix spring in the starter.  Even though it's a new starter, it most likely is a rebuilt one, and the tech may not have rebuilt it right.  If, after you check the wiring, I'd take the starter out and take it to autozone or some other parts place and have it checked.  Been there, done that.  Turned out it was the starter.  But the frying of the wires bothers me.  It takes a short in the wiring to cause that.  If it was mine, I'd rip out that homemade wiring and replace all the engine compartment wiring with a new harness. 


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