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Speeding Ticket in MA, entrapment?

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mikal hook:
Hi, I have a NH drivers license. Several months ago I received a speeding ticket in MA, I think it was for 88 (approx) on a 65 mph interstate. The police officer was in his cruiser, hiding down an embankment, WITH NO LIGHTS ON, no interior or exterior lights at all, this happened late at night, when I was exhausted and had to drive several hours home from the airport. I know I was speeding but do not think I was going as fast as he says he clocked me. There were other cars on the road as well that were speeding but I was the unlucky one. I had 2 people/witnesses in my vehicle that can testify to the fact that he was hiding with no lights on. I was stunned and did not ask to see radar, I know I was not thinking! My first question is: Was this a legal stop? Some people have told me that it is entrapment, which I don't think would wash in court, but is it legal for him to hide in the complete dark like that? I decided to try and fight the ticket, I checked the request for court hearing, promptly mailed the summons and have not heard anything back. This is going on 6 months, what should I do? Do nothing? Call NH DMV where I live? Call state of MA where the ticket was issued? I have no ticket # or info., as I mailed it in!? Thanks for your advice!

You have a non standard performance veichle. You are gong down; it has alwas been this way; get a girly car or suck it up. :'(

There are no rules of how the cops get you for speeding.  They can hide all they want to.  Now that you have filed, I would just sit back and say nothing more. 

First off, It's MA. Your not getting anything out of them, Do yourself a favor send it in and pay it. You don't want to plead not guilty in the state of Mass. They make their own rules... That's my advice and take it for what it's worth. It's not worth it and avoid driving through that state as much as possible.

I think it's definitely entrapment. While most roads in MA are so bad you can't possibly go above speed limit, here they have it, a beautiful interstate where you can finally step on it and safely go at 90 mph without even noticing it

Now, on serious note, you are probably already found guilty and consequences will follow soon. Call MA RMV to find out if that's the case. Also, call PD that issued a ticket (find which one based on where you got the ticket). Don't just ignore it. FYI, there is no SOL, it's a civil infraction.


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