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hi,all wouldn't it be nice to have a mustang caravan some where close by and get to know other mustangers .i think we should all pick a date and time and just go.It would be nice to see all tjhe different mustangs out there and get to know other people.

That's a great idea to have Mustang owners cruising together or even meeting once a week or month in specific locations.
I opened new local forums that might help you for that.
Local forums

we should contact our governments US and Canada and try to get a national mustang day. heck they have one for everything else so why not for mustangs

Jerry Baker:
true so very true.  If you live close to Ky our club meets once a month and is plainning a years mustang gathering.  we have a chapter in Co that meets weekly and the other chapters are monthly as well.

I will post the date for our spring meet.


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