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Hey guys yeah quiet time is over I am back. I got back home and I have nothing better to do for the next thirty days then get on here and come up with some topics. When I got home I hug my wife and kids and went right over to my mach and ripped of my top to my mach and glad I did. I had a problem with te wiring everytime I turned on the lights it would be dim until I gave it some gas. So I took it apon my self to rip dash and all the guts out. I had to replace the turn switch but for some reason the back lights when turned on the right turn switch seems to go to the hazards. I don't know what it could be but I need everyone to chip in and help a brother out. THANKS I aslo have some good pics of what I have done a race and godfather so I will get hem to you soon. HELP. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
wish i could help. My turn signals dont work at all

dont fell bad ,my stang would start by itself, after you drive it and shut it off the starter would kick in,si I ended up replacing the entire wire harness.

as for the dimming lights my be due to your alternator. take it off and have it checked, Orileey will do it for free.

also check had make sure a wire is not being pinched.

welcome back bro, I noticed you by passed my house

I figured it out. It was that darn ball hitch on the back the wires were comming all the way threw and it was touching the turn signal. I went today and cleaned it out and I found out the rust was worse than I thought it was but I guess that is how it is. I will diffenently have to reaplace both of them all not just partial like I thought. GOD FATHER I wil try to get with marty and get somthing going. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:


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