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Wrenchin’ Tip – Priming a Holley 6/16/2010


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You'll have to nav over to my blog to see the pics.

YEAH!!!! I know!! Where have these been…right? Sorry, but I think I’m back on track.

My Mustang has an old school 4 barrel Holley and although it starts pretty quick after a few pumps of pedal to get the mechanical fuel pump to push gas where it needs to be. But if your old school muscle car or race rod sits for a while or you swap carbs often, you can spend some considerable time cranking on the engine. This might seem like no biggie, but it can cause lobe failure on a flat-tappet cam.

For my Holley there’s a better way.

You need to locate your float-level sight plugs.

Holley - image not from my mustang (image link)

A different configuration
(image link)

Take a plastic squeeze bottle…. (Do you really need a pic of a squeeze bottle?) Well just in case…

(image link)

Bottle Pic you don't need!!!

this type works the best…. and fill the float bowls with fuel until it trickles…(very little trickle…no fires…please.)

Float Bowls

(image link)

This should be enough fuel to allow the fuel line to fill from the tank. According to the specs a Holley can run 45- 60 seconds on full bowls.

Keep your cam safe!!!

Thanks for Reading


Thanks for the information.  If my old'65 has been setting for a few weeks, I just put a tablespoon of gas down the throat and she starts right up. 


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