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Worse sites to buy from


Hey guys I am working on my 73 and the last two times I ordered something I had issues and I mean issues.

  I had to call and find out that they order was shipped to the4 wrong address, yeah I had to call they didn't call me.

  If that wasn't enough I went back to them for my rear patch panels and they messed that up, so I am done with them. 

  What I would like to do is have everyone share some of they exper. about the parts you bought and how was there customer service and time to get it and just everything.

  I used Dallas Mustang and I will never do it again what so ever they sales staff is lazy and the shipping department is ran by Ray Charles. I think there customer service is like a french mute and you will never get your point across or expect anything back.

 They even sent it with surface rust, I mean is it that hard to rub it down and put a little oil or tree sap, or maybe dirt, something All in all I will cut my parts off a rust mach one before I go back to them. Let me know what you think.  STANG OUT

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thanks for the heads-up :D

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Hey that is what we are here for. We need more people to help fill this site out so others don't get blind-sided. STANG OUT

hmmm they must be getting check on people. cause when I bought a front fender from them it was in that black paint job. They used have that black paint on them,did you ask them why it wasnt? Dont ask how much that front fender cost, i still have nightmares about that and yes my butt is getting back to were it used to


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