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will lowering hurt??

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All... my 05 gt convert. has been lowered 3". It has 275/35/zr20 tires on it. I'm concerned about the replacement cost of the tires and was wondering if going back to the stock 17" wheels and tires would affect the handling/scruffing of the car. Before i sell these wheels and tires, i want to know if going back to stock would so more harm than good. Thanks, Jeff

Stock is what the Ford engineers intended to be the optimum performance wheels and tires for that car. 

hello again! Thanks for the reply. I know stock is what they intended, but mine is lowered 3". That's what in concerned about.

Then un-lower it.  You can put the upper control arms back to their original position as well as changing the coil springs back to stock springs. 

I have a feeling there's been more done to it than just coil springs. I'll ask a tire pro if it will make a difference. I priced 20" tires and i about fell over when i saw the price!!!


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