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I saw this yesterday In Louisville KY, at the Mall. I am not a big Chevy fan, but this car made me think. Is there was anyone out there that would disgrace the ford mustang like this? These Mustang cars were never made to cut up and put a different frame under it just to put some big tires on it. Is the art of hot rods ending and if so how do we save it. I do not want to be proven wrong, but no one out there would do that to the most beautiful car in the world. THE FORD MUSTANG, RIGHT?

The difference between me and you - I would not have bothered to take a picture.

 This kind of mod is getting more and more popular and is called Donk. Sadly the Mustangs are not exempted as you can see below  >:(
 I didn't take this picture, Google gave it to me  ;)

Well I am amazed that someone could have, and did  destroy American Muscle, and for what? Todayís society has allowed the rules and regulations that safeguard our feelings and thoughts and pushed them to the rear of the battle. Without,  the ones that donít conform we are left to the same boring world where everything runs off of words written and not spoken. Is American Muscle Dying?

 I don't think American muscle will ever die. Soon there will be more muscle cars offered to the public since the golden age of the sixties and early seventies. Even with the actual oil crisis there is still a strong demand for them. What I like about this kind of modification is that hot rodding has always been part of the American culture and will always be. You love or hate some hot rods like the ones above but you at least you have the freedom to build and drive what ever you like. In some European countries you can't modify the power, braking or suspension of your vehicle. You might get a way by installing a 351 engine in place of the original 289 or an independent rear suspension in you Mustang but you will be in big trouble in case of an accident. Long live American Hot Roding !!!  :)


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