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why dont u guests join????


Im always seeing tons of guests viewing the site............but hardly any registered members.
You guys that like to view the site as guests, must either enjoy the mustangs or own one!!!! Come on in!!!!!!!!! Im a chick and i still enjoy this site, i find a way to add posts, even tho most arent too informative....................but hey, nothing wrong with adding some of your oppinions or questions and imputs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jerry Baker:
Im with you. They should join in show us the car or cars they own and lets all have some fun, after all thats why we got them

To all u guests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only takes a min to register!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets make this forum rock!!!!

guest just want to know how mustangs are tune and how they could smoke any silly import lmfa  ;D ;D


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