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OK I need help with this one. I am a proud onwer of a 1973 Mach one that is not yet finished, but I heard that there was going to be a car show in Hinesville ga where I am stationed out of because of the military. I went to that show and it was 98 and up mustangs and there were all punk kids that got back form Iraq and went and bought all the new ones knew nothing about the 4.6 281 CID motors. There was one guy that had a 1967 coupe what was in bad condition but he still took it which I have to give him credit for. What I want to know is I am only 25 so I am still a punk kid but I enjoy the oldies, I know most of those dam new ones could blow my 351C 2v out of the water but I like the fact that you don't see them hardly at all. I don't know maybe I am acting older than I need to...............oh well.

well I always say there is no replacement for displacement. :-D

Well look at it at there view, It was probably thier first car and bought them for a couple of hundred bucks.

trust me ,there are alot popel with envy factor with yours.

Jerry Baker:
OH I know what your saying I have 2 old ones and would like a new one.  But I started a club and 90% of our members are newer ones.   We have a event here 4th saturday of every month atarting in April and it has all kinds of old ones but none will go to the pay shows or join the clubs.

Get them classics out and drive them people.

On on march the 25th on Horsepower tv you can see the Somernites cruise of which is the show i talked about above


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