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Okay guys it seems like you are all tried and need some coffee so go and get you a cup of joe and answer this what is the best year of mustang and why? No hold bars let it ride let me see what you got. STANG OUT

I would say 65 shelby GT350. because it blown away they others on the track and made history.

sorry no cup of joe here and no starbucks,just alot of
getthehellofftheinternet juice from my wife. lmao :-D

Jerry Baker:
best year??

Well that would be hard to say on a 10 ten muscle cars of all time show on A&E the number 3 or number 2 car was a 1970 429 boss.  I think its up to the person you as ask I love a 69 mach 1 but then I love all the Shelbys.  

And you asked why.  Well the 69 was the first mach 1 it is like no other mustang ever made it has things that only a 69 has.   and then Shelby, well it is a shelby what more can I say.

Hey my wife isn't here so I don't hear it but I leave to go back home in like 7 days so I will hear it all in do time. I would sstill have to with the 70 mach one. That was the first car I saw that caught my eye and never really coule get it out of my mind. Of course I love my 73 becasue it was the last year of the true mustangs. Oh a up date GOD AND RACE MY cousin just recieved a autographed pic of Matt and he is very excited about it, so I have been hitting alot of ppl up for some kinda of help and if either of you guys had anything to do with that bless you and your families, and if not well bless you either way. and 73 mach are the best,lol. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
I can only speak for my self but I didnt have any thing to do with it I was still waitting on the drivers name.  I have Roush Raceing's address in my nascar collection.   Martin sent my sister a 8x10 signed for her when she was real young.

Im very glad to hear your cousin was happy with his pic. My hat goes off to who ever helped you with that.


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