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What to cold air injections "really" do???

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Mr. D:
I looked at the stock air cleaner setup on my '08 Mustang V8 and I'm wondering what exactly the cold air injection could actually.  The air is now coming from just behind the headlight and I only see one small port that goes downward towards the header in the bottom of the air clearer box.  Other than a using a smaller filter what can it actually change to create 17 h.P. according tos factory specs????  Does the cold air kit actually do much or is it another placebo pill for that imagine H.P. boosts with all the add on stuff!

What does it actually do to get cooler air into the intake???   ???   ???

you can remove the air silencer and add a K+N filter and get the same effect for less coin, although it wont be fancy smancy

A cold air intake is designed to decrease the temperature of the air entering your car to take full advantage of your engine’s power. Colder, denser air acts like “food” for your engine, giving it the extra amount of power that it needs to perform optimally.  However, the jury is still out on just how much horsepower it actually generates.  I  put the K&N filter in my 03 Mach1 a year ago just because of advertising.  I'm a fool for advertising.  ;D  Most of what the cold air intake does is make your engine bay look cool.  Especially on older cars. 

On the 05+ Mustangs with Cold Air Kits, at least the ones I've seen tested.. They do not gain an ounce of power without a tune. The Cold Air Kits advertised without having to have a tune, we haven't seen a gain.... unless we a put a tune in the car.

Moral of the story, if your going to do a cold air kit... Find a competent tuner who will get you nice safe Air Fuels and Timing + more power and torque :)

Mr. D:
After looking at the stock air cleaner it appears that both get their air from just about the same place so I can't see how it would change much.  There is a vent that draws air from the bottom around the exhaust manifold that could be plugged to eliminate that warm air.  From looking at the cold air setups I can't see they do much except change the filter system to a K+N style which I'm not sure is a big improvement!

I'm getting 20 MPH around town, so I wonder what a tune would do to that???   :o   :o


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