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What should I do to it

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Hey guys I got the 73 and I leave GA to go back to kansas becasue my tour in ga is done and I leave for Ky in about a month I want some ideas on what to do to my mach that I could do while I was there I will put a couple pics so you can check it out the inside is all factory adn will not be touched for the fact that is doesn't need to be.STANG OUT

well the first thing you can do is park it in my drive way on the way back to Kansas  :-D

how about tinted windows ,wing,spoiler maybe new american racing 18 inch torq thurst wheels

Yeah give me your address and I make sure I drop it off, lol. I was going to tint the windows and I have already got the spolier front and back in my mind and wheels are a diff, but want to wait to get the car back to primer first. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
Well it would be closer to park it at my house since Im in KY and you will be driving by to get to KS and then coming back to KY.  But wheels would be my first change.  I got my 500s here in Lexington Ky from Docs Mustangs they were cheaper then any were else I had found and they came with center caps and lugs, everywere else make you buy all that seperate.

I would take the ball and hitch off the back and maybe a sporter hood.

okay I knew it wouldn't be to long before someone said something about that #$@ Ball hitch. I am the second onwer and the guy that had it before me was starting to slow down in life and the car was only use to pull his golf cart to teh course which was only about 3 miles down the road. Yes I want to get new rims and keep these factory rims put up incase I ever want to sell her. What do you mean by sporty hood, it is the ram air hood once again factory if I might add, lol. I was looking to make it a working hood but the car only came with 177 ponies from the floor so no a big need but I am trying to get ahold of the 2 valve intake and get a carb to try get something out of her, but it is hard being here talking about it and not at home where I can go out and do even little things to it so. The one thing that I ask is neither one of you guys said anything about that ugly vnyil ( I KNOW I CANNOT SPELL) top off of it . I know that you cannot trace it back to the car so I can take it off and it would make it look alot better and not have that extra maintance. What do you think.. oh good luck getting it in your driveway i have only got to drive it once and I have owned it for over a year and half now.STANG OUT


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