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What should I do to it

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Jerry Baker:
I would have never said anything about the hood but I couldnt tell it was ram air in the photo.   And for the top I didnt notice it either, I see a sun spot and didnt know it was vinyl top or I would have said something.

You know why cars came out with vinyl tops don't you?   I had a body man tell me that when the car was put together that sometimes they would have a inperfection on the roofs and the vinyl top was a cheaper and faster fix then sending it back to the body shop.

now thats what I was told so don't hold me too it.  LOL

Hey that sounds like a good reason and easy to believe I will have to take it off becasue it is old anyways and if something is wrong then I might put it back on but thanks for the heads up. It has the ram air but it doesn't work I will have to get all the stuff for it but I have to get some more ponies under there before I try to get that going. Hey are most spoilers just the black color or same as the car which do you think would be better?STANG OUT

I have been checking out wheel but don't know which one to go with but racedraper I think I might go with the ones you are talking about. I am checking into alot of things and cannot stop trying to add alot of things but keep it simple. KEEP IT COMMING. STANG OUT

boyd coddington make some great looking wheels

If you need help redoing your seats just tell me. since you will not be that far away.

Yeah I jsut got my seat in and I think it should be pretty easy I am leaving to go back to wichita in like 5 days and then I am going to start kicking it out as much as possible I want to take my motor out and sandblast the whole car and get it back to primer but I don't think I am going to have time to fix the fenders but we will see. Will 18 fit under that car? I know you said something about it but it looks like it might be to big don't know. I am also going to rip that top off and shave the tips off and paint it a solid color. One thing at a time I know but hard to do I just want to do everything at once which won't work. STANG OUT thanks bro


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