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You can see what I already have. K&N filters, new holley carb, new struts, shocks, springs, caster/camber plates, o/r xpipe, flowmasters, subframe connectors  What next?  I need headers, Strut and shock tower braces, a cam, new rearend, shifter, control arms, intake, rims and tires.  So much to do I wish I had the money and time to do it all.  What do you think will benefit me more right now.  This car is a daily driver, I don't race it cause it right yet, My car has bark but no bite.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Carl
PS I would like some advice on removing the smog pump and related "stuff".

Why do you have a new Holley carb on a 1995 Mustang? What kind of motor is in it? I'm guessing not the original 5.0? If so, why did you convert it to carb?

My bad  eagle eye, its a n 85,

Ok that makes more sense then. What do you want of the car? You say it's all bark, no bite sounds like you want it to be faster...? When you say new rear end, do you mean there is something wrong with the one in it or do you want a more aggressive gear ratio? If that's what you mean that is one of the easiest ways to increase the acceleration (although at the expense of top end speed and highway fuel economy. Otherwise basic mods to make those cars more powerful, from my understanding are HCI (heads, cam, intake).
As for the smog pump, I've heard that all it does is pump air into your exhaust system in order to make the ratio of pollutants to air appear better. Pretty well useless and to remove it you need a shorter drivebelt and then get rid of it. If anyone knows more details than that, feel free to add on to that.

I am not sure what the stock gear ratio is on my 7.5 reare0nd.  Though it is not malfunctioning, I wonder how much acceleration it can take.  The car gets about 13-15 mpg now city-hwy.  I was told an 8" rear would be better, has tracton lock, and is just more durable.  I can handle a new intake, and possably a new cam, but I am not ready to takcle the heads yet. When I accelerate on the street I usually don't get it above 4000 rpm because by that time I am greatly above the legal speed limit, in fact I don't think Ive ever had it past 4500. I am afraid the motor will scatter, and I can't afford that mess. I usually reach 70-80 in second gear sometimes third. The carb is 600CFM. 4th and 5th gear are like cruise and overdrive to me.


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