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hi , i am 16 and i am about to buy a classic mustang as my car . i am not mechanical at all and i will need alot of help in the future , but for now i am confused what to choose , which model is easer and/or cheaper to restore ? which engine is best ?

welcome to the site bro... for parts gallore go for 64 thru 68 fast backs . the one thing you must look for is rust along the fire walls ,by the front windshield. were the water runs down, its was poorly designed. but they make so many parts for that year you could build one from scratch. as for motors go for 302 or 351w.

I would stay away from 71-73 unless the cars is rust free becuase they are limited #,s and they hardly make after market parts.

Just be pataint there are good finds out there and save your $$$$. more you have the beter car your get. A friend of mine just sold his 69 mach 1 clone for 7500.00 and was awsome.

thanks for the tips , but i have a few more things , 69 and 70 looks better than the 64-68 , so what about thoose ? , also the engines u recomonded are V8s , i like mustnags but i dont think i can afford the gas , the $$$$ for the car and some resto will be from dad , but i have to pay for gas , so what do i do ?

im with you I like the looks of the 69 and 70s.
dont let tge gas prices spoil your dreams. if you really want it you will get it.

that is what the big companies want ,people not buying great AMERICAN MUSCLE but cheap foriegn crap... The american car industries need our help...yes I am a UAW member...

besides what sounds better / A V-8 or a 4 banging tuner that sound like a sick gazoo

ok , i think i can go with a V8 if i had no choice , but a V6 would be good too , one more thing ,   about 69 and 70 s are their parts available , or sould i go with older more available models ?


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