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well im back

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Im am going to be laid off for 3 weeks coming up and Im taking the stang out of the garage and do lors of work to it. well im dropping 429 engine swap cause it would cost way too much money to do to it that I would like. I found a 351 cobra jet out f a 69 torino that is rebuilt and ready to be assembled for 1500 bucks.Found a god door for 150. so Im going to hopefully replace part of a floor and some engine bay rot.  sorry I haven't been on here a while so let the flames begin. lol

Hey bud.....long time no hear from.......So, you found a CJ, huh?  Lucky fart.... ;D

well my buddy at work has a very built 351 w that is prob around 420HP NOS ready for 600 bucks. he bought a 76 for truck that is a hot rod for his 16 year old son and going to put a plain Jane stock motor in it. iM thinking this route cause parts re sooo much cheaper. I can give you the info on that 351CJ motor for you f you would like.

Hey Racedraper, glad to see you back around here ;). I think you are right about your engine choice, the 429 would be too heavy and expensive to modify compared to this 351. Please, let us know more about this engine, it seems like a great deal.

here is some info on the 351 Cobra jet motor.  block #'s are D2AE-CA and heads are D1ZE stamped. its bore 30 over and balanced 4 bolt main rollar rockers weiand intake with holley 750. Its not all stock but thats ok.


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