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We have a lot of registered members but.....


We have a lot of registered members but, how come nobody posts anything. Go ahead join this forum, help us help others and enjoy this site. If anyone have any ideas just PM Theirry or myself and we will help...

 Lets make this the #1 site for mustangs, I am sure everybody checks up everyday to see the girls right.. I now I do.. Thanks Dustin AKA racedraper..Semper Fi

I was thinking the same thing. I used to go to the site alot and it is hard to keep up there.

Glad I found this one but was discouraged to see so few posts. Are there other Mustang forums?

Jerry Baker:
I posted this once already but it didn't save to the list.  But you can find mustang forums all over but here is a true gem.  You can get real help here not the comments from know it alls, and jerks.  I feel like this is what true mustang lovers are, people that want to help others, not tell you how great the car they own is and how stupid you are.   Yes I have been places like that, never seen it here.

So post people ask questions.  The more questions you ask the more people may post a answer.

Keep up the good work guys.


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