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Water powered engines

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Watch both the videos then decide if this is BS or is it possible and real.

This is BS  ;D
There is hundreds of websites selling books explaining how to modify your car to run with water but I am still waiting to see one of these cars.
It may be possible to use water to produce energy but the video about water battery shows how efficient it is today. 20$ to charge your laptop or cell phone batteries for 14 hours, that's not what I call a revolution.
On the other hand, imagine what would happen if water could replace gasoline. The Middle East countries would pay a fortune to run their vehicles  ;D

I got some water in my camper's fuel tank a few years ago, and that engine spit and sputtered like crazy until I put in some stuff from Autozone to dry up the water.  Water and gas don't mix.  That is a known.  WTF are these snake oil sellers trying to do, pull the wool over our eyes? 

Yes, you need to turn water into hydrogen to get power to your engine but how do you get the energy for the transformation process?
 Anything is good to rip off people.

Yes, it takes electricity to turn water into hydrogen.  How is the electricity made?  Oil....


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