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WANTED!!! Fuel "level" gauge for 73 Mustang


I need a fuel gauge for my 73 mustang, this is the fuel "level" E-F Not a fuel "pressure gauge.If anyone has one please contact me or if you know where I can find one. This has to be the hardest part to find for a 73 ;-(

I have one, but I need to make sure it works.  I'll see what I can do about testing it this weekend.
If it works, I'll try and give you a good price.

Sounds good,Thanks. All I could find on ebay is a full dash set (Tach,gas and speed),tho at the rate I'm going it may pay to stock up on parts.LOL But right now its getting old,never knowing just how much gas I have in the tank.

What makes you think it is the gauge?  Often it is the sending unit

If you unplug the wiring to the sending unit and run a jumper between the two connections if your wiring and gauge are good it will run your gauge up to full.  (when the key is on)  If you leave it jumped it will burn out the gauge.  there is a great thread on troubleshooting these systems at forum You should come join.

I tried that,but thanks for the info, I pretty much talked and tried everything and it keeps coming back to the gauge, ;-(   I get a very lil movement from it,when shut off the needle goes past empty,when the car is on an running it moves just a hair or two to the positive side of the empty mark


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