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John A:
I have a 65 coupe in good condition with the original 289.  It runs but needs engine work.  It has been 10+ years since anyone really looked at the motor.  It needs repainting and some cosmetic adjustments. 

I am going to have the motor really worked over.  I am considering upgrading the carburator and put headers on.  Is this a mistake? 

If not, are there some more minor upgrades I could make to the motor?   

Get a new 4V intake manifold and a rebuilt Motorcraft 4100 carburetor.  (assuming the carb you now have is a 2V)  That will make it an "A" code motor if your desire is to keep it sorta' original.  Now, if you want to go crazy with hotrod updates, let us know.  There are a ton of things you can add that will make it a "go fast" car, but a lot of the other drivetrain things will have to  be updated to aftermarket equipment, which will cost  big  bux. 

Welcome to the site.  Glad to have you here.   Where in south Texas are you?  I'm in the hill country near Austin. 

I agree with Soaring but I would also like to add that if you do go with a 4v carbruator I would suggest "TRI-Y" headers, these will compliment your setup. I would also run 2-1/2" I.D. pipes with a cross or H-pipe to egualize the pressure (not to mention helping your low end torq). I use "Flomaster" mufflers which generate a wonderful sound!    :)

John A:
sweet input.  I'll look into those options. 

Also, I'm in the RGV.  Harlingen, to be specific.  Really close to South Padre Island,

I have camped on South Padre a few times, and really enjoyed it.  Regarding the Tri-Y's, the Steeda is what I would recommend.  The Borla mufflers are also the ones I would recommend.  The 40 series are good sounding mufflers, but not up to par with the Borlas.  Others will disagree.   ;D


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