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VERY new here and need advice

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So when I was just a youngin', my dad gave me my first car-- it was a 66 Mustang, and he told me that since I was in driver's ed that summer, that my job would be to take apart the engine and put it back together again.  Well, while I never became the mechanic he hoped I would be, I've always wanted another Mustang. 

After 26 years, I now have that 2nd Mustang.  It's in great shape, engine-wise, but definitely needs some cosmetic work!!!

I got it cheap, and the person that sold it to me gave me some replacement parts.  Well, the first thing I have to do is replace the darn window in the convertible top!!!  It's so bad, that if I don't have the top down, I have NO view out the back window!! I have the new window, but I can't figure out how to replace the darn thing..

Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this on my own, or is this something I should have a professional handle? Any clue as to how much this will set me back if someone else has to do it?

Thanks for any help!! 

First - welcome to the forum.
If you have a heavy duty sewing machine and know how to use it, no problem. A convertible top window is one of the items that's best sent to a pro. Don't be surprised if you are told the whole top needs to be replaced. It's a never ending battle with older cars.

LOL.. I figured as much.  The top itself is in great shape, but the window, otoh, is a mess.  There's a rip in it, and if I attempt to drive with the top up, I won't be able to see thru it, unless I unzip it.  Thank God I live in California, and it's nice out!! 

Thanks for the info.. now to go find someone that can do it for me..

Depending on your location in California, a referal could be made.

Jim, I am in Fullerton, in Orange County.  Tell me you have a recommendation for me!!


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