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valve covers with breathers VS valve covers without


Frank Virginia:
thinking about buying some valve covers that dont have any breather holes or oil fill holes will this fry my engine or dosent it really matter if u have breathers or not ?   special tool is needed to put oil in so dont worry about that

What special tool are you talking about?  A straw that fits in your tube where you check the oil?  ;D  You don't need a breather cap on an EFI engine, but you do on a carbureted engine.  You can use a closed oil cap or do the straw thing if yours is an EFI engine.  I don't think an 80 Mustang engine is an EFI engine though, so you will need a breather cap on the driver's side in addition to your PCV hole on the passenger side, otherwise pressure will build up and you will have engine damage.  Bad idea.   


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