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Value of 69 Mach One Clone?


Just a "curiosity" question! I have the old car price book and the category 4 value for a fastback is $6200, and the cat 4 value for a Mach One is $13,200....quite the difference! I was wondering what the value is for a good Mach One Clone? I am not selling my car, I am just curious as to the value of a clone versus the genuine Mach One......somewhere in the middle...around 10K...??? I also think my car is not just a cat 4, but not quite a cat 3. I already KNOW that there is NO way to put an exact value to the car, and I have been around long enough to realize the ton of variables that come into play with a question like this, so let's fast forward through all that mess and get down to some input as to the actual value of something like this, please! This car has an excellent running 351C with a C-4 transmission, and all the correct Mach One fold down rear seat. It has an 8 inch posi rear end.

I have no idea on the value but I just wanted to say that clone or not, that's a beautiful looking car!

Thanks! I am looking forward to this weather getting better and the arrival of Spring so I can get behind the wheel and enjoy the car!

So hard to give you a price I would have to say do some checking on ebay for what mustangs are really selling for not asking price but history of mustang sells on ebay. I know the price is soft and I figure mine as lost about 10k in value in the last couple of years but it has comeback some. Big block cars are big money, 351 and 302 aren't getting the big prices. All in all the value is only what the buyer will pay, some will not mind clones, others only want originals. The original only folks will give you a low ball price no matter how good it is, while the people who just want a nice stang to drive will be much higher.

Your clone is a nice looking car resell red always looks good   ;D


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